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Tubolito Tubo ROAD 700C 60mm

Tubolito Tubo ROAD 700C 60mm
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Ready for disc brakes and rim brakes, Tubo Road fits 18-32mm wide tyres.
Compared to standard butyl road bike tubes, you'll save almost 70g of rotating weight per wheel.
Tubo Road is 2X more resistant to punctures than a standard butyl road bike tube. Read more..


  • Weight: 38-40g
  • Width: 18-32mm
  • Valve: SV Presta 42mm, 60mm, 80mm
  • Brake system: Disc/Rim


What tyre pressure should I use with Tubolito tubes?

  • Air pressure should be determined by the tyre specifications and road conditions. Unmounted Tubolitos should not be inflated more than 7psi to avoid deformation and damage.

Can I inflate Tubolitos with CO2 cartridges?

  • Yes, but as with butyl tubes, CO2 escapes more quickly than air, so that the tubes have to be reinflated sooner.

Can I patch Tubolito tubes?

  • Yes, you can patch Tubolitos with our Tubo Patch Kit. Puncture kits for tubes made of butyl are not suitable for Tubolito tubes made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPU).

What is the difference between Tubo, S-Tubo, and X-Tubo?

  • Tubo: The perfect tube for everyday use, more robust and lighter than a conventional butyl tube.
  • S-Tubo: Light as a feather and small due to reduced wall thickness. Low rolling resistance, perfect tube to carry along as a spare. S-Tubos achieve very similar results in the needle puncture test as much heavier butyl tubes.
  • X-Tubo: Extremely puncture resistant. We offer a one-year warranty for registered X-Tubos against flats in daily use.